Saturday, September 28, 2013

Notes from first meeting

Here are Lee's notes from our first meeting on September 26:

Great meeting today!  I thought I'd write up a few notes of our discussion and plan for further action to help us keep going.
Today we discussed some of our specific challenges in producing the next book/project that will get us promoted and our motivations for wanting to move forward and found that we have a lot in common.  We've each made some decisions, both personally and professionally, that have distracted us from research/writing.  We own those decisions, whatever they may be, and recognize that ultimately each of us is responsible for producing (or not producing) scholarship. 
We also discussed some specific strategies. Two things we are going to do in the near future to help with motivation and accountability:
1) set up a blog where we can post our goals and progress weekly.  We can even post what we've actually written.  We can also post tips, strategies and advice that we have or that we've found elsewhere.  If someone doesn't reach her writing goal, she will say that and write about what happened that kept her from reaching her goal.  The point is not to inflict guilt or to feel bad for not having reached the goal; comments by others will be focused on helping the person reach her goal the following week.
2) find a time when we can get together and write for a couple of hours.  Right now we're looking at some time on Fridays, beginning Oct. 25.  We'll also try to find a Monday before Oct. 25 when we can do this.  We'll also identify a neutral, distraction-free space where we can do our writing together.
Somewhat longer-term:
3) Diana suggested that we could each have a session or two with a writing coach.  We will look for possible writing coaches with experience with academics. 
4) As proposed in the original grant, we'll bring a speaker to Claremont who will address the question of associate professors, mentoring, promotion, etc. This event will be open to associate professors across the colleges.  The hope is that this will help our institutions conceive of the move from associate to full in a more productive way and that we will have some concrete suggestions about ways in which our institutions can mentor and help us as we work to be promoted to full professors.

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